How Do You Control Brown Patch Disease in Your Lawn?


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There are a few different methods that can help control brown patch disease on lawns, including improving soil drainage and using special lawn care practices. As brown patch is caused by a fungal infection, using a fungicide may also help to control the disease and improve the lawn's appearance.

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The most common cause of brown patch and other fungal infections is excessive moisture on the grass itself or in the ground. Avoiding excessive leaf wetness is one of the best ways to control the disease. There are numerous ways this can be done, such as only watering in the morning. This not only gives the grass more time during the day to dry out, but it also knocks the large dew droplets off the blades to allow it to dry even quicker.

Keeping the lawn mowed short also helps to ensure the grass isn't overly wet. However, it is important to thoroughly clean the mower after going over the affected areas, as this can help prevent the disease from spreading to the rest of the lawn. It is also a good idea to avoid using any nitrogen fertilizers on the lawn, as the brown patch thrives in the lush grass the nitrogen produces.

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