How Do Consumers Review the Nuwave Oven?

How Do Consumers Review the Nuwave Oven?

Customers generally rate the Nuwave Oven positively, according to Amazon and Bed, Bath and Beyond. Customers report that the product works well and some even remained customers for years. The biggest complaints were high shipping and handling fees and the dome breaking.

The NuWave Oven is a unique product that cooks food using conduction, convection and infrared waves. It is a fast method of cooking food, even meat, and sits comfortably on most kitchen counter tops.

Customers' complaints about the product were high shipping and handling fees when purchasing directly through Hearthware, Inc., notes Consumer Reports. Customers also found that the dome on the oven was expensive to replace when it became damaged. This prompted some customers to simply purchase a new oven as the pricing was so high for the replacement part.

Overall, customers were positive about the Nuwave Oven. Many liked that they could heat up food in the summer without it also heating up the house. Customers also liked that it used less energy than other appliances and cooked food quickly. Some even stated that the results were professional quality.

However, there were negative reviews stating that their ovens did not perform as advertised and that meat was either undercooked or dried out. From some statements on these reviews, it is possible that these customers received a defective oven and were not aware of it.