What Is a Consul Propane Gas Refrigerator?


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A Consul propane gas refrigerator is an appliance manufactured by Consul in Brazil that is powered by propane gas instead of electricity. The cooling system of a propane gas refrigerator is driven by a cycle of heating and cooling using distilled water, hydrogen and ammonia.

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Propane gas refrigerators by Consul operate by a cycle that begins by heating an ammonia-water mixture via a propane flame in the generator chamber. The ammonia gas mixture channels into a separate compartment, and eventually the ammonia rises upward toward the condenser section of the refrigerator. The condensing section of a propane gas refrigerator cools down the ammonia gas so it turns into a liquid again.

Once liquefied, the ammonia channels into an evaporation compartment to mix with hydrogen gas. This mixture prompts a chemical reaction that absorbs heat in the refrigerator to maintain cool temperatures. The ammonia and gas mixture moves into an absorption chamber of the refrigerator to mix with distilled water, ultimately causing the ammonia to dissolve in the water and release hydrogen. Hydrogen channels back to the evaporation compartment, and the water and ammonia mixture moves to the generator chamber to begin the process again to remove heat from the unit and keep the temperatures cool enough to preserve food within the unit.

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