How Do You Construct a Simple Electric Fence?

How Do You Construct a Simple Electric Fence?

How Do You Construct a Simple Electric Fence?

To construct a simple electric fence, install the fence posts, install the wires, connect the wires and test the power. Be sure to add warning signs to protect passers-by from getting electrocuted.

Electric fences are easy to build and are a terrific way to keep livestock in the yard and deer and other pests out of the way. To build an electric fence, run through the following steps.

  1. Gather the supplies
  2. Building an electric fence requires enough four-by-four fence posts to surround the yard, poly wire, an electric fence system and a gate kit.

  3. Install the posts
  4. To install the posts, dig holes in the ground and insert the posts. Avoid installing any fencing near water sources for livestock and other animals as the electricity can run through the water and electrocute the animals. Pour cement into the holes to anchor the posts.

  5. Lay out the wire
  6. Install the wire along the fence posts. To safely install the wire, attach insulators to the posts. Use poly tape to test the height of the wires. Run the wire through the insulators.

  7. Connect the wiring
  8. Connect the wiring system to a power source according to the manufacturer's instructions. Be sure to ground the wire to avoid unwanted shocks. Ground the system by connecting the center row of wiring to two metal rods and anchoring the rods in the ground. Alternately, connect the grounding rods to the power source and anchor them into the ground. Turn on the power and test the system with a voltage meter.

  9. Install warning signs
  10. Install warning signs along the fencing line.