How Do You Construct a Pole Barn House With Metal Siding?


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To construct a pole barn house, choose a suitable site, erect the 4-by-4-by-10 posts and the 2-by-4-by-12 framework, and install the roofing. To install the metal siding, screw metal sheets onto the barn wall vertically with each sheet overlapping the next at the edges.

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Select a level, square and dry site for the pole barn house. Dig 2-foot deep holes at intervals of 12 feet and at the corners of the site.

Insert the posts into the holes, and pour concrete up to a height of 6 inches around them. Allow the concrete to set, and pack soil into the holes. Using the 2-by-4 lumber, attach three crossbars at the bottom, center and top between every pair of posts.

Align and nail the poles perpendicular to the crossbars. Nail a few more 2-by-4 boards on the pole tops and affix the roof trusses at intervals of 4 feet using a backhoe. Affix 2-by-4s over the trusses at intervals of 2 feet, and attach the metal sheets for roofing, with each sheet overlapping the next one by 6 inches. Install galvanized ridge cap over the ridge line while allowing an overlap of around 12 inches.

To install the metal siding, attach the first sheet on one edge of the barn wall using metal screws at intervals of 12 inches. Overlap the ridge of the next sheet along the first sheet's edge and attach. After siding the entire wall, affix metal corners over the sharp metal edges.

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