How Do You Construct Deer Blind Windows With Plexiglass?


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To construct deer blind windows with Plexiglass, begin by using a jig or circular saw to cut a square or rectangle into plywood sheeting that is large enough for seeing or shooting from any position. Take a 2-by-4 board and cut it to fit the dimensions of the outside of the square cut into the sheeting.

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When cutting the board, ensure that the side pieces are slightly longer as they overlap and are secured to the other pieces. Screw the pieces together in the corners with 3-inch wood screws and secure the frame to the sheeting with 2-inch wood screws on the inside of the blind. Using a table saw, cut a piece of Plexiglass slightly larger than inside cut of the frame. Slowly screw two hinges into the bottom of the Plexiglass with 1/2-inch screws. Attach the other side of the hinge to the inside of the blind on the bottom side of the wood frame.

On the top of the frame, take a small piece of wood and screw it into the frame. Leave enough of the screw exposed to fit the thickness of the Plexiglass. This wood piece is the latch for the Plexiglass and is meant to rotate around the Plexiglass to release it or secure it into place.

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