How Do You Connect a Water Valve on a Kenmore Refrigerator?


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To replace the water valve on a Kenmore refrigerator, gather an adjustable wrench, screwdriver, bucket and razor knife. Pull out the refrigerator from the wall, and turn off the water and electrical supplies before starting.

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Remove the screws that hold the lower access panel of the refrigerator, and expose the water inlet valve. Remove the screws holding the valve in place, and pull it out to expose the water and electrical connections. Grab the wire harness, and pull it away from the inlet valve. If there are two, one goes to the ice dispenser and the other to the ice maker. Push the collar that surrounds the water outlet line down, and then pull the line from the valve. If there are two lines, make sure the right one is being pulled.

With a razor knife, trim off about 1/8-inch from the end of the line that is removed, and put the water line into the replacement inlet valve until there is a slight snap. Gently pull the line back to ensure that it is locked in place, and then push the wire harness into the inlet valve terminals. Make sure the holes in the bracket are lined up, then screw in the new inlet valve. Put the access panel back on, reattach the water supply, and plug in the refrigerator to complete the project.

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