How Do You Connect Solar Panels to Main Electricity?

After wiring all of the solar panels together to combine the amps and voltages, connect the panels to a charge controller, deep-cycle batteries and an AC inverter, then run the AC inverter to the main electric box. Most appliances within a building use alternating current, so the direct current coming from the solar panels needs to be converted before it can be used.

Solar energy is a clean way to convert the UV light from the sun into usable energy. Solar panels have an upfront cost, but they will eventually pay for themselves as long as they are exposed to sunlight.

  1. Wire all solar panels together.
  2. Combine all of the solar panels together to get an understanding of the total voltage and amp output. This will help to determine if the panels will produce enough power, or if more are needed.

  3. Wire the panels to a charge controller and deep-cycle batteries.
  4. The charge controller will prevent the deep-cycle batteries from being overloaded with electricity.

  5. Connect the batteries to an alternating current inverter.
  6. The alternating current inverter will transform the direct current to easily-usable alternating current.

  7. Connect the alternating current inverter to the main electric box.
  8. Turn off the main circuit breaker and connect the whole system to the main electric box.