How Do You Connect a Pyramat?


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There are various versions of the Pyramat gaming chair available in the market. While similar connection methods are employed for all of them, this guide specifically deals with the Pyramat Sound Rocker S1000. The device comes with the VA/RCA cable and cable extenders that are used for connection.

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  1. Remove all plugs from the power sources

    Before you start, ensure that the chair and all the devices the chair connects to, such as gaming console or any audio/video device, are switched off. Remove power plugs from the switchboards completely in order to minimize the risk of electric shock.

  2. Connect the RCA cable extender

    Hook up the RCA cable extender to the red and white colored audio cables of the gaming console.

  3. Connect the RCA cable to the cable extender

    Connect the VA/RCA cable to the cable extender previously connected with the gaming console.

  4. Connect the gaming console with a video device

    Plug in the yellow RCA cable of the gaming console into the video input jack of a television, ensuring that the color of the jack corresponds to the color of the input pin.

  5. Check the result

    Switch on the Pyramat, the gaming console and the video device. Check to make sure everything works perfectly. In the case of a poor result, fix any loose connections.

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