How Do You Connect a Pool Pump?

Connecting a pool pump to a pool without the aid of professional help requires some wiring knowledge and experience. Before beginning, one must know what electric voltage is running from the circuit breaker inside the house. Pool pumps are wired to run on 115V or 230V, and most are at 230V. It must match the house's voltage.

Before beginning any type of electrical project, shut off all power running to and from the house and pool. A 230V is more common, and this has a red, black and green wire. The red and black wires are "hot," meaning they need to be connected to the L1 and L2 terminals. The green wire is grounded and goes under the green screw inside of the pump. To begin the electrical connection process, install a metal elbow onto the pump, and run conduit from the metal box to the pump. Once the wiring has been completed, close the pool pump cover. Lastly, the pump has to meet electrical requirements. A size 8 AWG copper conductor wire needs to be connected from a reinforcing rod to the wire connector located on the housing. Once this has been completed, power can then be reconnected, and the pool pump can be safely used.