How Do You Connect a Generator to House Wiring?

To connect a generator to house wiring, install a transfer switch so the power can easily switch from utility power to generator power. Turn off all power in the building. Mount the transfer switch next to the utility power electrical breaker. Install the generator's receptacle box outside. Use electrical cabling to connect the receptacle box to the transfer switch. Remove the breaker panel and connect the breaker wiring to the transfer switch.

The transfer switch is vital to the rewiring process, as it removes the building's circuits from the utility power source while simultaneously connecting them to the generator's source of power. With the power off, remove any screws holding the front panel of the breaker as well as the front panel itself. Detach the circuits from the breaker and plug them directly into the transfer switch.

Drill or cut a hole into the wall next to the circuit breaker with a diameter of approximately 1.5 inches. Mount the transfer switch's electrical box over this hole and use an electrical cable to connect this box to the transfer switch. Connect the electrical box to the electrical receptacle with additional electrical cabling. Plug the generator into the electrical receptacle that can now feed the power from the generator to the electrical box and transfer switch.