How Do You Connect a Gas Line to a Dryer?

How Do You Connect a Gas Line to a Dryer?

To connect a gas line to a dryer, you need a tape measure, a wire brush, a flexible gas hose, gas-rated pipe tape, a rag, a pipe wrench, a spray bottle and detergent. Use caution when installing the hose.

  1. Purchase the correct gas hose for the home

    Measure the distance from the wall to the dryer. Purchase a hose that corresponds to this measurement. A hose that is too long may twist and kink. The type of gas hose purchased should match the gas fitting. Steel hoses connect to steel fittings, while iron hoses connect to iron fittings.

  2. Prepare the threads

    Clean the threads on the gas fittings with the wire brush. Wipe with a clean rag to remove any debris. Wrap the pipe tape around each of the fittings in a clockwise direction.

  3. Connect the gas hose

    Connect the gas hose to the fittings, twisting in a counterclockwise direction. Connect the hose to the wall first, then to the dryer.

  4. Turn on the gas and inspect for leaks

    Turn on the gas valve at the wall. Prepare a mixture that is 1/2 water and 1/2 detergent. Pour a small amount of the detergent on each connection, checking for bubbles. Bubbles indicate a leak that should be fixed before using the dryer.