What Conditions Is Rhodiola Rosea Commonly Used to Treat?

What Conditions Is Rhodiola Rosea Commonly Used to Treat?

Rhodiola rosea is used to treat altitude sickness, fatigue, depression, anxiety, tuberculosis and bladder cancer according to WebMD. Rhodiola is used to help increase energy levels, strength, stamina and mental capacity. it is often used to help improve physical performance for athletes and to help decrease the time it tales to heal after an injury.

Rhodiola rosea is used to treat many different medical conditions, but there is little scientific evidence to prove the treatment is effective or to determine the rate in which results occur during treatment according to WebMD.

Some of the conditions that the plant's root is used to treat include stress-associated heart disorders, sexual problems, diabetes, aging, cancer, irregular heartbeat, high cholesterol and hearing loss.

The Rhodiola extracts have not been studied in humans to increase learning abilities, memory or to regulate heartbeat, but the studies that displayed cell protection from the plant roots ingredients means there is potential for these benefits.

Taking Rhodiola rosea is found in the arctic regions of Asia, Alaska and Europe. It has been used as a medicinal plant for centuries, with mention of the plant as early as the first century AD by Greek physician, Dioscorides. The history of the plant for medicinal purposes was commonly noted in France, Russia, Greece, Sweden and Iceland.