What Are Some Concrete Yard Edging Ideas?


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Some concrete yard edging ideas are tinting the concrete in brown shades that blend in seamlessly with the rest of the garden and purchasing imprinted or textured concrete. Concrete can also be finished to resemble tile or stone. Instead of buying molded concrete forms, opt for extruded concrete where a machine churns out shaped, wet concrete that flows around a yard without gaps.

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Another concrete yard edging idea is to make the edging strip large enough to rest the wheel of a lawn mower on, which reduces the need for edging equipment when cutting the grass. Usually these mow strips are higher on the inside of the garden and lower or at grass level where the edging meets the grass. Opt to make the edging at least one foot wide to create both edging and a pathway in one.

To give the look of brick edging without bricks, use red-tinted concrete that is stamped to resemble bricks. The same process can be used to make stone or paver concrete curbs. Rope lights can be installed in the concrete to created lighted edging that glows during the night. Cast concrete edging makes it easier to mow lawns, provides a weed barrier and is strong, but it can expensive.

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