How Is a Concrete Nail Gun Used?

How Is a Concrete Nail Gun Used?

Use a concrete nail gun to attach wood to concrete. Compressed air provides the power needed for the nails to penetrate concrete. Regular nails break and bend when they come in contact with concrete. Only use concrete nails with a concrete nail gun. These nails are stronger and heavier. Wear safety goggles to protect your eyes from flying wood chips and concrete particles.

Concrete nails hold wood to concrete tightly and are difficult to remove once in place. Before using the concrete nail gun, measure everything and mark where the nails go. Secure the wood with clamps or by any means possible to keep the wood from moving.

Open the magazine latch and lift the magazine cover. Load the nails with the tip facing forward. Close the magazine cover and secure the latch. The gun releases one nail at a time. The nail gun doesn't fire when the magazine latch and cover are open.

Attach the compressor hose to the nail gun. Set the air pressure between 70 and 100 pounds per square inch.

Hold the nail gun against the wood at the mark where the nail goes and pull the trigger. Repeat at each mark and put the gun down. Pull the wood to test if more nails are needed.