How Does a Concrete Mixer Work?

How Does a Concrete Mixer Work?

How a concrete mixer works depends on the type, but most mixers use a motor to rotatethe drum or paddles, and the interior paddles mix the concrete mixture. Drum, mortar and vertical shaft mixers all feature a drum or mixing pan to hold the concrete,but how they operatevaries.

For household and personal use for small concrete jobs, drum, mortar and vertical shaft mixers offer their own set of benefits. Most of these machines are available with either gas or electric-powered motors, and they all come in a large assortment of sizes to meet various needs.

Commercial applications and large jobs typically use cement trucks to mix and transport large amounts of concrete at once. These trucks feature additional benefits, such as separate dispensers for the water and the dry mix.

Drum mixers are a common style of mixerthat typically has fixed fins that are attached inside of the drum that mix the concrete and water as the drum rotates.

Mortar mixers differ from drum mixers in that they feature paddles that are attached to a horizontal shaft. The drum itself is stationary during the mixing process.

Vertical mixers are similar to mortar mixers in terms of a stationary mixing pan, but they feature rotating paddles and scrapers that rise vertically through the center. These mixers are typically more efficient than the other types and are able tomix the concrete faster.