What Are Concrete Gutter Splash Blocks Used For?


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Concrete gutter splash blocks help prevent soil erosion and foundation problems, which are caused by gushing rainwater, near the bases of homes. Splash blocks guide water rushing from downspouts into the lawn, spreading it evenly over the landscape.

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The most important use for splash blocks is in the prevention of foundation problems. Without them, gushing water can displace soil under the home's foundation, causing the foundation to settle unevenly and possibly crack. Preventing soil erosion with splash blocks also keeps a home owner's garden and lawn in good condition. Gushing water can damage or kill plantings near a house's downspout and cause excessive watering in some lawn areas and not enough in others.

Splash blocks are generally rectangular, with three raised sides and one end wider than the other to direct water. Homeowners should install concrete splash blocks under downspouts and point them away from their homes' foundations. Preferably, a home owner's lawn should be sloped somewhat to prevent pooling or the splash blocks situated to deliver water to drier areas of the lawn.

Most concrete splash blocks are simple white rectangles, but there are many other shapes and colors. Splash blocks can also consist of materials such as aluminum and plastic.

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