How Do Concrete Form Rentals Work?


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The exact terms of concrete form rental depends upon the rental company; however, many companies offer a minimum two-week rental period. Companies may charge customers by the panel or by the total square footage of rented forms. In some cases, there may be a fee for the delivery of the forms, and some companies charge extra to provide assistance in setting them up. Most companies do business locally and require customers to fax or email building blueprints to them.

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CMCConstructionServices.com, a company in Houston, Texas, rents a number of concrete wall form systems, including MevaLite, Symons, and Max-a-Form. The MevaLite system is a light, maneuverable system that is easily adapted to building plans; the Symons forms are suitable for commercial or residential building. Astrof-Concrete-Hardware.com requests that customers mail them a copy of the building plans so that they can return a quote for the rental. They also use blueprints to ensure that customers order the correct number of forms. The company, which is located in Everett, Washington, provides next-day delivery and pick-up services for its rentals.

DiscountConstructionRental.com, located in Snohomish, Washington, charges by the panel for form rentals. Its delivery fees varies according to the customer's location in Washington State. This company includes molds, turn buckles and other necessary equipment with its rentals. Customers must rent footing boards separately.

Concrete Form Engineers, Incorporated rents forms to homeowners and contractors; it specializes in agricultural, commercial and residential construction projects. This St. Paul, Minnesota company includes a free form layout drawing with rentals, and is an authorized dealer of Symons products. It requires customers to call or email with rental requests. Rio Grande Company rents forms, concrete mats and concrete stamps. The company invites customers to call, fax or email to arrange for concrete form rentals.

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