How Do You Compost?


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Compost by adding a compost bin or pile to your yard, putting green and brown materials into it, occasionally moistening the contents, and adding fruit and vegetable waste. This can take between two months and two years for the compost to be ready for use. You need a compost bin, water, a tarp, and green and brown materials.

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  1. Add a compost bin to your yard

    Find a place in your yard to place a compost bin or pile. You need to select a spot that is both dry and shady.

  2. Add green and brown materials

    Add green and brown materials to the compost bin. Green materials are rich in nitrogen and break down at a slower rate than brown materials that are rich in carbon. Green materials include straw, egg shells, animal manure, weeds, grass clippings and coffee grounds. Brown materials include newspaper, cardboard paper towel rolls, toilet paper tubs, twigs, leaves and sawdust. A ratio of 30 parts brown material to one part green material helps compost to be ready for use sooner. Make sure to shred any large materials.

  3. Add fruit and vegetable waste

    Add fruit and vegetable waste to the bin, making sure to place it under at least 10 inches of compost.

  4. Moisten the compost

    Keep the contents moist by adding water and covering the top with a tarp. The compost is ready once it turns a dark color.

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