How Does Composite Decking Work?


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Composite decking is created using a combination of different materials that include plastic and wood. These materials are processed to provide the look of authentic wood. The wood materials used to create composite decking consist of lumber byproducts, such as sawdust chips, and the plastic materials consist of recyclables. The materials are mixed together using preservatives and pigments, which offer different colors and styles.

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The mixture of processed materials is heated, shaped into boards, then cooled. The two types of boards include solid and hollow boards. Composite decking cuts and installs similar to wood decking. This type of decking is generally heavier than traditional wood boards; however, composite boards are not as strong. Composite decking is low-maintenance and does not retain moisture. This feature eliminates shrinking and swelling associated with traditional wood. It also prevents the separation, cracking and warping associated with wood decking under certain weather conditions. Composite decking can endure severe weather for years. This type of decking is durable and offers a longer lifespan than traditional wood.

Composite decking is safe and does not splinter, thus reducing the risk of injury. The boards are resistant to rot, termites and other insects. Composite decking doesn't require water repellent, seal, stain or paint.

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