How Do You Complete a Tankless Water Heater Installation?


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Install a tankless water heater by making needed corrections to the vent sizing, mounting the heater and connecting service lines and pipes. Depending on where you're placing the heater, you may need to build a small wall.

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  1. Check the vent sizing

    Measure the vent pipes to ensure they match up to the hole that's already in the ceiling from the old tank. Make adjustments as needed by using a saw to create a bigger hole or by patching an area that's too big.

  2. Mount the tankless water heater

    Screw the tank into place on the wall. If the wall is concrete or brick, build a new, small wall. Nail 2x4s to the joists in the ceiling, and run them along the wall. Attach a backboard to the 2x4s with nails or screws, then mount the heater on the backboard. Make sure that the tank lines up with the vent hole. Finally, connect the vent to the heater and the vent hole in the ceiling.

  3. Attach the water pipe

    Clean the ends of the water pipe with an emery cloth. Add soldering flux to the end of the pipe, and attach it to the fitting on the heater. Solder them with a heating torch, making sure that you solder completely around the connections.

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