How Do You Complete Installation of a Gas Fireplace?

How Do You Complete Installation of a Gas Fireplace?

To install a gas fireplace, build a fireplace platform, cut a hole in the wall, assemble the fireplace, run the gas line, build around the fireplace, nail in the drywall and stucco the wall. Installing a fireplace takes roughly one day and requires five 2-inch by 10-inch boards, nails, plywood, a drywall saw, fireplace and vent parts, a wood saw, stove cement, caulk, one 2-inch by 4-inch board, drywall, joint compound, stucco primer, stucco and a trowel.

  1. Build the platform

    Cut two lengths of board to 11.5 inches. Cut two more pieces the width of the fireplace part. Mark the 11.5-inch boards at the halfway mark, and nail one of the width boards in place. Nail the other in place.

  2. Install the fireplace part

    Place the fireplace part inside the platform. Use sealant around the collar of the fireplace. Allow to dry completely.

  3. Install the vent pipes

    Slide one vent pipe over the collar of the fireplace part. Lock it into place. Connect the 90-degree elbow to this vent.

  4. Prepare the wall

    Measure a 12-inch square area for the vent. Use the drywall saw to cut out this opening. Cut the 2-by-4 board to make a 12-inch frame, and use it to frame the opening. Push the firestop into place, sealing it with caulking. Add the accompanying screws to secure it.

  5. Install the vent

    Slide the vent pipe through the firestop. Use the stove cement to seal the gap. Install the vent termination part and combination firestop into the vent. Use the included screws to install the firestop into the wall. Seal it with caulking.

  6. Run the gas line

    Screw the platform to the floor. Run the gas line to the appropriate hookup in the fireplace. Secure the platform by screwing it into the wall studs.

  7. Build the mantel

    Assemble the frame of the mantel on the floor. Place it in position. Secure the mantel to the frame. Create mitered edges to angle the ends to the wall. Install them with screws.

  8. Build the hearth

    Cut the plywood to the desired shape for the hearth. Use the 2-inch by 10-inch boards to frame the plywood. Screw the boards to the plywood, and screw into the floor in front of the fireplace.

  9. Complete the columns

    Cut four lengths of 2-inch by 10-inch boards to fit between the hearth and mantel. Screw these into place. Cover the columns, hearth and mantel with drywall. Fill any gaps with joint compound.

  10. Apply the stucco

    Prime the walls according to manufacturer's instructions. Use a trowel to apply the stucco.