What Are Some Complaints About MyPillow?


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Consumers complain about MyPillow for reasons including false advertising, refund policies and issues with MyPillow's warranty. Many of those who buy MyPillow find it difficult to return it for a replacement, despite claims that the pillow is guaranteed to satisfy all consumers.

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MyPillow, created by Mike Lindell, promises a good night of sleep for those who suffer from insomnia, allergies, fibromyalgia, migraines, sleep apnea, and countless other disorders that often interrupt rest. The warranty for MyPillow states that a full refund is given to dissatisfied customers within 60 days of purchase. However, many customers state that it's much more difficult to receive the refund than is implied by MyPillow's ads and website.

Customers often find that MyPillow comes with a strong chemical odor once unpacked. Others claim that the pillow is too lumpy and doesn't look like the same pillow that's advertised on television. MyPillow addresses this issue by saying that the pillow quickly adjusts to the sleep position of the consumer and that washing and drying the pillow helps the pillow feel fuller.

Another complaint is that the pillow gets too warm at night. MyPillow recommends a 100 percent cotton, open-ended pillow case to help solve this issue. According to the company, pillow protectors and pillow cases made of other materials might negatively affect the temperature of the product.

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