What Are Some Complaints About the Guttermaxx System?


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Common complaints about the Guttermaxx system posted at the Better Business Bureau include that the gutters clog despite claiming to be leaf-free and that the system is expensive and is difficult to maintain. A professional review at The Gutter Club notes that the system is also expensive to replace.

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The most common customer complaint about the Guttermaxx system is that the gutters clog with leaves and other debris repeatedly and in multiple places, and the customers are unable to clean out the gutter due to its one-piece design. The one-piece design also means that if any piece sustains damage, the owner needs to buy another 40-, 50- or 60-foot section. Other common complaints from customers include that the gutters are not effective in heavy rain and have icicle problems in the winter.

One customer notes that the Guttermaxx system supposedly included custom corners so that the crew would not have to install splash guards, but they did not install the custom corners. Additionally, customers note that water runs directly over the edge of the gutter and that it acts as a trap for leaves. Several customers state that without yearly maintenance, the gutter fails at directing water where the owner wants.

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