How Do You Find Complaints Filed About Tamko Shingles?

The Better Business Bureau website and are both good places to find official complaints filed against Tamko Shingles. These sites include complaints, reviews and class action lawsuits filed against the company.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) has an official Complaints section for Tamko Roofing, where previous customers have left various complaints against the company. This section not only shows a description of the complaint, but shows whether or not it has been resolved and closed. There are also different categories of complaints, including guarantee or warranty issues, problems with product or service, advertising, billing and collection issues, and delivery issues. For Tamko Roofing, product and services issues, as well as warranty issues were the most common. The BBB website also has a Customer Reviews section where customers can leave positive or negative reviews, including complaints. lists recent class action lawsuits made against companies, including Tamko Roofing. There was a class action lawsuit against the Heritage brand of fiberglass roofing shingles specifically. Customers claimed these shingles were curling, blistering, cracking and deteriorating prematurely. There were also reports of property damage to these defects. As with the BBB complaints, the lawsuits also reflect customers complaining about the warranty and that the company did not cover the cost of damage caused by the shingles.