How Do You Compare Steel Entry Doors?

How Do You Compare Steel Entry Doors?

Compare steel entry doors by examining the appearance, durability, maintenance and cost of the doors. Steel entry doors vary widely on these features, and researching these features has a significant impact on customer satisfaction over the lifetime of the door.

Steel entry doors are available in a variety of finishes, including smooth and wood-grain textures. Varying stains and paints add impact to the door, and many steel entry doors are available with glass inserts to enhance their beauty.

Steel entry doors are some of the most durable doors, resisting rotting, warping and cracking when exposed to weather. The gauge of steel used in construction affects the door's durability, making some steel doors more weather-resistant than others.

Though steel doors generally require little maintenance, they can incur damage if scratched or dented. Scratches may allow rust to penetrate the door, while dents and dings can be unattractive. The quality of a steel door's warranty can help alleviate these concerns for the homeowner.

Steel doors vary in cost, with features such as glass inserts, door style and energy-efficiency ratings adding significantly to the expense. Balancing the cost of the door with the extra features provides a better grasp on a fair comparison.