How Do You Compare Roof Repair Costs?

Comparing roof repair costs can be relatively easy once you have decided upon the roofing material you prefer based upon initial and replacement cost, as well as the appearance and performance you prefer. Roof material options vary widely in cost and appearance and can vary from metal to shingle varieties to solar roofing.

Asphalt shingle roofing has long been the most popular and cost-effective option for homeowners, while metal roofing is gaining widely in popularity because of its look, versatility and lightweight design. Environmental footprint concerns as well as lowering energy costs for homeowners has driven the popularity of solar panel roofing. According to, repairs for shingle roofs typically involve shingle replacement, which can cost as little as $5 per shingle if done by the owner, to up to $100 if contracted. Metal roof materials can run from $15 to $350 and up for seal vent, ridge vent or rubber boot repair. New Roofing Cost Comparison recommends that homeowners purchase as many of the materials themselves as possible, to keep repair costs low. Solar roof repair can be significantly more costly because electrical wiring damage may require a specialized electrician, and common panel damage typically requires replacement of the entire panel, rather than a small section of a panel.