How Do You Compare Reviews When Choosing a Window Company?


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Compare reviews when choosing a window by focusing on the companies within your area and identifying the factors that matter most to you, such as speed of service, overall cost or responsiveness. Also pay attention to the qualify of the final installation and any mention of billing issues or complaints.

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Begin by creating a list of the factors that you most value in a window installation contractor, ranking them in order of most to least important. This allows you to scan reviews for these elements, such as quick response times during the consultation or short turnaround for the job, and eliminate any companies that do not meet your standards. It is also important to check reviews for the general satisfaction of the customer, as many reviews may mention a single incident but otherwise view the contractor in a positive light. It is also important to view the most recent reviews, as this allows you to understand the current state of the contractor.

You should also pay attention to any names that appear in the review, as some companies operate multiple locations or employ multiple contractors. This allows you to request a specific contractor that has a high number of favorable reviews and rule out one that has many complaints. It may also help to look at the nature of the job in the review, as some jobs may require more complex work than others and result in a different experience between customers.

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