How Do You Compare Refrigerators?


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The most important criteria for comparing refrigerators is size and power efficiency. In addition, buyers can compare whether refrigerators have water and ice dispensers, the layout of doors and drawers, and whether they have localized temperature and humidity control.

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The most important consideration when comparing refrigerators is size. The refrigerator must fit in the space it is intended for, so shoppers should eliminate models with unsuitable exterior dimensions. Shoppers must consider their own grocery shopping and cooking habits to determine the appropriate interior dimensions for their refrigerator. It must be large enough to hold everything but not so large that it is underutilized. Most manufacturers recommend a size of 19 to 22 cubic feet for a family of four, according to Consumer Reports.

When comparing refrigerators of the correct size, the next consideration is power efficiency. The refrigerator that consumes the least power to refrigerate the amount of space you require is generally the best option, but there are many other features to compare that are more a matter of personal preference. Shoppers may find that other design elements tip the scales toward a refrigerator that may be less efficient.

Door and drawer layout is another consideration as different models may put the freezer compartment on the top, the bottom or side by side with the refrigerator.

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