How Do You Compare Nylon and Polyester Carpets?


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Nylon and polyester carpets are two types of fibers used on floors. They differ in terms of costs and additional treatment needed for stain resistance. Nylon is the more expensive fiber and offers no natural stain resistance; to add stain resistance, chemical treatment is required. Polyester carpet is naturally stain resistant, needs no additional chemical treatment and is less expensive than nylon.

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In addition to costs and stain resistance, durability is a factor when considering wall-to-wall carpeting needs. Nylon carpets are more tough and durable. They can withstand a lot of traffic while still retaining their shape and form. Over time, polyester carpets become matted and do not return to their original shape. It is recommended that those with high traffic areas use nylon instead of polyester. If a polyester carpet is desired, select one that has a high density of fibers and medium-to-high pile to prevent the mashing of the mat over time.

Nylon and polyester carpets are both made from synthetic fibers. Polyethylene Terephthalate, or PET, is a popular fiber used to create polyester carpets. It is considered an environmentally friendly material because it is constructed from recycled plastic bottles. PET polyester carpets are also more resistant to wear and tear than other polyester fibers.

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