How Do You Compare Dryer Repair Costs?


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Dryer repair costs can be compared according to labor, job materials, supplies, work site preparation measures and cost of cleanup. Repair services may also charge differently by the hour and for the cost of debris removal. Repair estimates may not include inspection fees or contractor overhead.

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An individual should expect to pay more for a dryer repair done by a licensed, insured and bonded contractor as well as for rush or emergency repairs. Time and money can be saved by checking references and verifying the overall quality of the repair service's work.

Repair services often consider the dryer brand, year and problem when estimating the cost of the repair. If possible, an individual may be able to save on the cost of repairs if he is able to deliver his dryer to the repair technician rather than call the technician out to his home. Having regular maintenance performed on the dryer can help prevent future problems and potentially prevent expensive and extensive repairs. Routine maintenance can also help lengthen the life of the dryer.

Dryer repair can also be less expensive if the appliance is still under warranty. The model name and number can be used to determine if the dryer is under warranty. If it is, the manufacturer may offer a list of approved repair service companies.

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