How Do You Compare Different Kingsdown Mattresses?

How Do You Compare Different Kingsdown Mattresses?

To compare Kingsdown mattresses, go to, and click Compare from the top menu. This opens a page containing a table of key features of various mattress collections. Select a collection to display its complete features.

Kingsdown offers several mattress collections, including BodyPerfect, Passions, Miro, Sleep Haven and Diamond Royale, as of 2016. Other mattress collections of the brand include Haute Couture, Sleep to Live, Downtown Abbey, Tradition and Sleep Smart.

The Sleep to Live mattress features individually wrapped innerspring coils, cooling fibers, lumbar support bands and pressure-relieving foam coils. The construction of the mattress allows for scientifically recommended postural support. The mattress offers latex and gel-infused foam options.

The BodyPerfect mattress intuitively provides customized support, maintains correct alignment and offers pressure relief. The mattress features patented Scientific Measurement and Response Technology sensors that read body movements and make adjustments for greater comfort. The mattress also comes with an Android tablet featuring an application that analyzes sleeping patterns.

The Traditional collection offers two-sided mattresses featuring layers of natural cotton, wool and silk fibers, as well as a Flexatron cushioning layer. The mattresses provide enhanced pressure relief, durable support and cooling properties.

Kingsdown is headquartered in Mebane, North Carolina, and sells mattresses through retailers. Customers can use their ZIP codes to search for local Kingsdown retailers online.