How Do You Compare the Cost of Cement Blocks?


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To compare the cost of cement blocks, match two products side by side with each other and see how their prices compare according to qualities such as cement type, size, weight, block type and rudimentary installation cost. Concrete blocks come in varieties such as deck blocks, standard cored blocks, dobie blocks and half-cored blocks. Blocks may range in price from about $0.50 to $8.00 per individual block as of 2016.

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Concrete blocks are advantageous because they significantly reduce construction costs. The average construction project's concrete block costs 25 percent less than a brick product, according to Mir Concrete Products. Concrete blocks also require less maintenance than other materials, and concrete buildings can stand the test of time because concrete blocks are not weakened by rust, rot or moisture. They are also non-organic and resist the effects of termites and mold.

Concrete is a highly durable material that is able to keep up with earthquake, fire and wind damage. The concrete used in residential and commercial locations does not warp and avoids structural damage caused by general elemental weathering. Concrete blocks are also highly energy efficient, and they reduce the greenhouse gases produced from structures because of their thermal mass index and high R-value. Homes constructed with insulated concrete blocks can lower residential cooling and heating bills by 25 percent.

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