How Do You Compare Central Air Conditioner Brands?


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Compare central air-conditioning brands by visiting the websites of major manufacturers, such as Maytag, and reviewing the specifications and prices of popular units. You may also compare air-conditioning brands by using third-party websites, such as ConsumerReports.org and FurnaceCompare.com.

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Air-conditioner brand websites provide consumers with information regarding pricing and specifications, while third-party review websites usually provide unbiased data about issues such as reliability and efficiency. ConsumerReports.org, for example, provides visitors with a detailed analysis of the purchasing process, outlining some of the most and least reliable air conditioners and common types of units as well as recommending how to arrange for installation. The website also provides comparisons and ratings of popular units, but it requires a subscription to do so.

It is also important to consider the cost of installation and the size of the unit when comparing air-conditioners. Finding a unit that fits where it is intended to go and can operate efficiently and safely is a great way to keep the total cost of the purchase down. According to FurnaceCompare.com, it is often necessary to have an HVAC technician perform a weight-bearing calculation on the installation site to ensure that the unit is neither too small nor too large.

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