How Do You Compare Backyard Landscaping Costs?


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When comparing backyard landscaping costs, take an inventory of all landscaping projects, and speak to multiple professionals and services to obtain estimates. Creating a budget for landscaping improvement projects is an important part of the process. Performing a site analysis can turn up many existing plants and hardscaping materials you can repurpose to reduce costs.

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The best way to compare landscaping costs is to have a professional assess the property and provide an estimate. Obtaining multiple estimates from different landscaping services ensures that cost comparisons are based on accurate pricing information. Landscaping designers and services can also suggest or demonstrate multiple options to fit various price points. Weigh and consider all options that fall within a budget to make the best comparison.

Factors to consider when comparing the cost of landscaping projects include the size of the yard, the planned features and installations, the materials and plant selection, the labor costs and the landscaping materials supplier. When landscaping on a budget, note that investing in professional landscaping design can greatly add to the market value of a home. A good rule of thumb when creating a budget is to plan on spending 10 percent of a property's value on the landscaping.

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