Which Company Makes the Best Quality Food Dehydrator Trays?


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Based on reviews from multiple sites, the Excalibur brand of food dehydrator trays is the highest quality brand when compared to others. The Excalibur brand is rated high for its large capacity, quick dehydrating ability and even heating distribution, but is more expensive and louder than other dehydrators.

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Greendehydrators.com rates the Excalibur food dehydrator five out of five stars because of its built-in thermostat, allowing for accurate temperature control and its ability to dehydrate a large quantity of food in one batch. The trays are also removable to provide more space for the dehydration of bulkier foods. The horizontal airflow system ensures that each tray of food is dehydrated evenly. The possible drawbacks of this brand are its large size and high price.

Amazon users rate the Excalibur dehydrator 4.6 out of 5 stars in 269 reviews, as of 2015. People praise the easiness and consistency to dry a large amount of food at one time. However, many reviewers do not like the loudness of the fan, especially when the machine has been running for a few hours. Gizmodo also reviewed the Excalibur positively, saying it was the quickest and most convenient dehydrator that the reviewer had used so far, but again pointed out the loud noise and high price as possible downsides.

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