What Are Some Companion Plants for Peppers?

What Are Some Companion Plants for Peppers?

Peppers complement several other vegetables, including onions and tomatoes. Growing the three together makes the perfect salsa garden. There are also herbs and flowers home gardeners should consider for growing near peppers, as peppers give or receive benefits by growing near these plants.

Growing some herbs near peppers, including basil, dill and coriander, is beneficial to the peppers. Basil improves the flavor of the peppers themselves, according to SFGate. Basil, dill and coriander help repel problem insects from the pepper plant while attracting beneficial insects. Other companion plants to consider include marjoram, parsley and oregano.

Adding flowers to the vegetable garden helps improve its aesthetic value. Selecting companion flowers to grow near peppers provides additional benefits. Chamomile, used to create a relaxing tea at bedtime, helps to ensure healthy pepper plants. Marigolds benefit the root system of pepper plants by repelling eelworms and nematodes.

When space is limited, selecting the right companion plant helps maximize yield through succession gardening. Planting onions, which grow quickly and are harvested early, provides additional room for pepper plants to grow as they reach maturity.

Although companion plants are beneficial to peppers, some crops should be as far away as possible from these spicy plants. Peppers affect the flavor of mildly flavored crops, such as green beans, in a negative manner. Additionally, they are not a good companion choice for kohlrabi.