What Companies Service Magic Chef Washers and Dryers?


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According to the warranty information found on the Magic Chef main site, warranty service is provided by the retailer that the appliance was purchased from, which includes washers and dryers. The company provides service and parts for their appliances within certain guidelines.

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Based on a warranty found on a Magic Chef listing found on the Home Depot store listings, the warranty is covered by the Magic Chef Appliance company itself, also known Magic Chef, Inc., and covers parts and warrant services. Getting service for a Magic Chef appliance requires contacting the Magic Chef corporation and confirming the warranty information with them. They have limits on what their warranty covers, which involves the maximum size a serviced appliance can be. Appliances, such as washers and stoves, require customers to contact the Maytag Corporation instead for service.

As of 2015, Magic Chef Appliances only lists 4 different washers and dryers as part of their brand. They carry a wider range of kitchen appliances that use their brand, such as microwaves, freezers and dishwashers. Any larger appliances than these may not be covered in their current warranties, which only last for a year. Their site recommends calling or sending a message through their online form to receive service.

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