What Companies Sell Wholesale Clear Plastic Jars?


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Companies such as Freund Container and Supply, SKS Bottle and Packaging, and General Bottle Supply sell clear plastic jars wholesale. Each retailer offers a variety of sizes and shapes in different types of plastic.

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Freund Container and Supply offers wholesale ordering of clear plastic jars from the main company website. Customers can browse the selection under the Plastic Containers heading and click a specific model to order that type. The company makes square, oval and circular models as well as modified gripping jars. Freund typically offers several tiers of per-unit discounts for hundreds or thousands of jars ordered.

The SKS Bottle and Packaging website differentiates clear plastic jars by lid types and color. Plastic lids are available in black, white and natural colors. The company also offers aluminum lids. Unlike Freund, SKS only sells jars by the case, with units per case ranging from a dozen to several hundred.

Unlike either of the other two wholesalers, General Bottle Supply differentiates clear plastic jars by the specific plastic material they're made from. The company offers polyethylene terephthalate, polystyrene and high-density polyethylene jars in a variety of sizes, shapes and included lids. In general, PET plastic jars are the cheapest, while polystyrene are the most expensive.

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