What Companies Sell Tiny House Kits?

Sing Core, Tiny Green Cabins, Nomad and Snug Shack are some companies that sell tiny house kits. Tiny house kits are available in a wide range of prices, depending on the size, amenities and options the buyer chooses.

Sing Core offers an 8- by 24-foot tiny house that includes all pre-framed panels. The company's patented Reinforced Structural Insulated Panels have a torsion box frame built-in. This process creates panels that are lightweight but pound-for-pound stronger than steel.

Tiny Green Cabins sells prefabricated kits, as well as those custom designed to the buyer's specifications. Standard models available include the Sunflower, Wildflower, Prairie Rose, Prairie Schooner and Ravenlore. Sizes range from 96 square feet to more than 160 square feet. Available options include incinerator toilets, skylights, propane heaters and solar panel power systems.

Live, Space and Grow are the three models available from Nomad. Buyers can purchase kits or have the tiny homes delivered fully assembled. Nomad offers several add-ons, including various cabinets, a cedar deck, sliding sun shades, fold-out beds and an adjustable coffee table. Nomad tiny home buyers can also equip their units to be completely self-sufficient with a water treatment plant and solar power, rain water collection and sewer treatment systems.

Snug Shack claims its tiny house kits are so easy that if you can hold a hammer you can build one. The company offers base model houses as well as room additions, such as bunk rooms, bathrooms and additional kitchen space.