What Are Some Companies That Sell Rival Appliance Replacement Parts?

What Are Some Companies That Sell Rival Appliance Replacement Parts?

Replacement parts for Rival appliances are available through sites such as RivalProducts.com, SearsPartsDirect.com, Marbeck.com and Amazon.com, as of 2015. Each site offers a different selection of replacement parts focusing on different sections of the Rival appliance line, including crock pots, ice cream makers, deep fryers and microwaves.

Rival sells some replacement parts for its products through the online ordering system on its website, RivalProducts.com. The site does not offer a dedicated parts section, instead placing the available replacement items within the main appliance category. Some listings on the site only link to third-party retailers, depending on inventory availability.

SearsPartsDirect.com offers category selection options for its Rival replacement parts, allowing customers to see all parts options for a particular type home machine. Part listings include the part number, compatible models and a description of its function within the appliance.

Marbeck.com sells a wide range of replacement appliance parts for numerous brands, including vintage and current Rival products. It lists all its parts in a category according to the appliance type, such as placing lids and feet for crock pots within the general crock pot section.

Amazon.com sells the majority of its replacement Rival appliance parts through its Amazon Merchant program, which allows third-party retailers to post listings to the site. As such, the price, availability and descriptions of items vary between product and seller.