What Companies Sell Lawn Chair Repair Kits?

As of 2015, lawn chair repair kits are available online from Amazon.com and LawnChairUSA.com. AceHardware.com also sells these kits as well as a variety of clips, screws and other accessories to repair outdoor furniture.

One of the options from Amazon.com is the WebbingPro lawn chair webbing kit. This kit features a 50-foot long striped roll of webbing and 30 webbing clips. This webbing is also water- and fade-resistant. The kit has enough webbing to repair one lawn chair, and it attaches with clips for a professional look. Amazon.com features numerous other brands, widths, colors and lengths, and clips and screws for re-webbing a lawn chair.

LawnChairUSA.com also sells re-webbing kits that are available in a variety of colors and patterns. The kits are available in two widths, 2 1/4-inch and 3-inch, and are available with or without clips. The website also sells clips without the webbing, and the kits come in lengths of up to 150 feet.

AceHardware.com has Frost King re-webbing kits available to order online or in stores. Unlike the other kits, the Frost King kits are 39 feet in length and only available in 2 1/4-inch widths, as of 2015. AceHardware.com also sells re-web screws and clips.