What Companies Sell Convection Oven Microwaves?


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Major appliance companies that produce microwave ovens that include convection functionality are produced by Kenmore, KitchenAid, General Electric, Bosch, Frigidare, LG, Samsung and Sharp. These microwaves are produced in countertop, over the range and built-in designs.

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Many major appliance brands produce convection microwaves, which integrate both microwave and conventional convection cooking technologies into a single oven. Convection microwave ovens are produced with similar internal capacity ranges as standard microwave ovens, with internal capacities ranging from one to two cubic feet. Microwave ovens that incorporate convection cooking are typically more expensive than comparable models that use microwave cooking only, with larger convection microwaves and those designed for over-the-counter installation being more expensive than smaller countertop models. Built-in convection microwaves are among the largest and most expensive models.

While the majority of convection microwaves utilize convection cooking in the same interior space as microwave cooking, some designs incorporate additional convection cooking elements such as separate warming drawers for pizza or baked goods. Other convection microwaves include a full-size convection oven and microwave in one unit; these are usually built-in designs.

Some convection microwaves use halogen or infrared emission systems to cook food alongside microwave and convection technologies. These microwaves are frequently referred to as infrared microwaves, even when the oven uses convection heating for cooking as well.

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