What Are Some Companies That Sell Basement Window Grates?

Lowe’s and The Home Depot sell a variety of basement window grates and well covers, as of 2015. Sears doesn’t sell its own grates, but its website shows different grates available and where to purchase them.

Lowe’s is a great source of window well covers and window grates, carrying brands such as Adjust-A-Grate, Shape, MacCourt, Ultra Protect and Wellcraft. The website offers filters for products based on brand or price, starting at $15 and going up to $600 or more. Some of the top-rated basement window products at Lowe’s are the MacCourt Plastic Rectangular Low Profile Window Well Covers, Ultra Protect Clear Polycarbonate Rectangular Basement Window Well Cover and the Ultra Protect Clear Polycarbonate Semi-Round Basement Window Well Cover.

The Home Depot has many of the same brands and price ranges for its basement window well covers and grates. In addition to other brands listed, they also carry Rockell, ScrapeWEL and Biggies. The top products at The Home Depot are the Adjustable Aluminum Window Well Grate by Adjust-A-Grate and the Thick and Strong Circular Bubble by Shape Products.

For people who want to look elsewhere for their window grates, Sears is a good resource. The grates and well cover page on its website lists window grates for basement windows and hardware, as well as what local or online store from which to purchase them. It is a good way to search for window grates from numerous stores instead of just checking one store website at a time.