What Companies Repair Magnetos?

Some companies that repair magnetos are Kevin's Magneto Service in Illinois, Belanger's Auto Electric in Maine and Craig's Magnetos in California. Magnetos are power generators that use permanent magnets to generate alternating currents. They are used to ignite many ignition systems such as in aircraft, tractors or motor sport vehicles.

Kevin's Magneto Service is located in Manito, Central Illinois. Among its repair services are setting the

magneto lag and testing magneto coils and condensers. It services many types of magnetos such as high- and low-tension magnetos, inductor magnetos, oscillating magnetos and shuttle wound magnetos. However, the company does not repair aircraft magnetos.

Belanger's Auto Electric in Cross Lake Township, Maine, services several magneto brands such as American Bosch, Fairbanks Morse, International Harvester, Simms and Wico. It also sells new and refurbished magneto parts. It does not service magnetos used in aviation.

Craig's Magnetos in Redding, California, repairs high- and low-tension magnetos. The business also sells refurbished magnetos and magneto parts.