What Companies Repair John Deere Hydrostatic Transmissions?


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Hydrostatic Transmission Service, Jim's Repair/Jim's Tractors, and Herrs Machine Hydrostatic Transmissions are three companies that specialize in the repair of John Deere hydrostatic transmissions. Hydrostatic Transmission Service maintains multiple locations in Tupelo, Mississippi, and each location has its own website and service hours.

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Jim's Repair/Jim's Tractors in Hastings, Minnesota, repairs and rebuilds John Deere hydrostatic transmissions. The list of John Deere models includes some of the 100 series, 300 series, 400 series and several models in the F900 series. Jim's Repair/Jim's Tractors typically rebuilds hydrostatic transmissions with new parts that are in stock. Its website is also a help desk portal where John Deere owners ask questions about hydrostatic transmissions and receive answers.

Similarly, Hydrostatic Transmission Service rebuilds or exchanges John Deere hydrostatic equipment and also maintains a hydrostatic transmission repair shop at each of its sister locations. During the rebuild process, the company pressure washes each hydrostatic unit, disassembles it, checks it, replaces parts as required and reassembles the unit.

Herrs Machine Hydrostatic Transmission also repairs or rebuilds John Deere hydrostatic transmissions. As part of the repair service, Herrs Machine cleans a hydrostatic unit, disassembles it and inspects each aspect to determine required repairs. The company offers repair quotations before commencing the process. The company specializes in hydrostatic transmission for John Deere industrial harvesters, such as combines 6600, 7700, 8820, 9400 and 9500.

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