What Companies Repair an Electric Motor?

What Companies Repair an Electric Motor?

Electric Motor Company, Inc. and Tullar Electric Motor Sales & Service repair electric motors. Electric Motor & Contracting rebuilds alternate current and direct current electric motors, and Electric Motor Repair Company repairs industrial and commercial kitchen electric motors.

Electric Motor Company rebuilds and rewinds AC/DC motors, transformers and generators. The company also offers switchgear testing and repair, power tool repair, and circuit breaker testing, calibration and repair. It repairs or replaces motors for heaters, coolers and swimming pools, and also repairs submersible, irrigation and industrial pumps. The company is an authorized service provider for numerous brand-name motors, including General Electric, US Motors, Baldor, Lincoln and A.O. Smith, as well as Dayton, Leeson, Marathon, Reuland and others. Electric Motor Company offers service throughout New Mexico.

Tullar Electric Motor Sales and Service rebuilds and repairs all types of AC electric motors, and the company specializes in fractional horsepower motors and motors up to 200 horsepower. The company uses only copper wiring, and it guarantees quality and material on all repairs. Tullar Electric Motor is located in Colorado.

Electric Motor and Contracting rebuilds, rewinds and upgrades electric motors ranging in size from fractional to 18,000 horsepower, and for voltages ranging from 110 volts to 13 kilovolts. The company offers contaminated motor repair services to the nuclear power industry, and it also provides electrical and mechanical services to industrial, water treatment and power generation companies. Electric Motor and Contracting offers shipboard and in-shop services to marine customers. The company is located in Chesapeake, Virginia.

Electric Motor Repair Company provides rewind, mechanical and electronic repair services for industrial, elevator and marine customers. The company also provides complete service and planned maintenance for gas, steam and electric commercial kitchen equipment. Electric Motor Repair Company serves the Mid-Atlantic region.