What Companies Repair ABS Pumps?


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There are various companies that service and repair ABS pumps. Examples of such companies include Pumpman, Motor & Gear Engineering, ABS Pump Repair and CF Pumpserve.

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Anti-lock brake systems allow the wheels of a vehicle to maintain tractive contact with the surface of the road, protecting the wheels from locking up as well as avoiding uncontrolled skidding. When the anti-lock system fails, it becomes difficult for a driver to control the vehicle. Due to the importance of ABS in vehicles, several companies opt to offer repair services.

Motor & Gear Engineering offers these services, which range from basic maintenance to complete redesign and rebuilding of the pump systems. In California, Pumpman is one of the leading companies offering repair services. ABS Pump Repair provides services in the New York City metropolitan area. The company offers troubleshooting, steam trap surveys, pump and motor repair, heat exchanger repairs, Electrical controls, and panel repairs in addition to full replacements.

According to ABS Pump Repair, loss of brake pedal control is one of the common signs of ABS failure, which is caused by fluid issues. Further, when an anti-locking system fails, there is a loss of power assist, and excessive heating hardens the ABS. Others signs include poor braking performance, hot spots, riding and squealing noises during braking, and excessive drag when braking. To maintain ABS in good condition, vehicle owners should have the system checked every six months.

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