What Companies Produce Alfalfa Seeds?

Allied Seed, LLC and S&W Seed Company produce alfalfa seeds for large-scale conventional farming operations. High Mowing Organic Seeds and the Sustainable Seed Co. produce organic alfalfa seeds for farming operations and sprouting.

Allied Seed produces, processes and distributes several different varieties of alfalfa seeds under the brand name Farm Science Genetics. The company also provides public and common alfalfa seed varieties, including Evermore, Ladak II, Lancer, Magnitude and Mariner IV, as well as Phoenix and 428RR. Allied Seed provides contract production and processing, private labeling for products and brands, and custom tagging services to customers as well.

S&W Seed Company specializes in the production of high-yield, non-dormant alfalfa seed varieties that grow well regardless of water salinity and soil conditions. Farming operations use these varieties primarily to produce forage that later provides grazing. Farmers also use the forage to make silage, hay bales, and alfalfa pellets or cubes. S&W Seed Company operates worldwide via direct sales and dealer-distributors.

The Sustainable Seed Company's Organic Allstar alfalfa seed produces high quality forage, and it is resistant to Anthracnose, bacterial wilt, fusarium wilt and verticillium wilt, as well as phytophthora and aphanomyces root rot disorders. The company pre-inoculates legume seeds with rhizobium bacteria. The Sustainable Seed Company is committed to the preservation and production of organic and heirloom seeds for vegetables, herbs, legumes, grains and flowers, as well as cover crops and tobacco.

High Mowing Organic Seeds produces organic, non-genetically-modified-organism seeds for vegetables, herbs, flowers and cover crops.