Which Companies Perform LiftMaster Garage Door Repairs?


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Companies that repair Liftmaster garage door openers include Bearcat Company and GS Overhead Systems, which provide repair services to California residents, and Liftmaster Door Atlanta. In Florida, Armstrong Garage Door repairs Liftmaster garage door systems. Companies offering repair services vary from state to state.

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Homeowners can troubleshoot Liftmaster garage door problems to identify causes for door malfunctions. Common Liftmaster garage door problems include lack of operating power, doors that close and immediately reopen, doors that open slightly and stop, and doors that fail to close completely.

To avoid injury, experts advise homeowners to turn off power to the door opener before attempting to remove or install its outside cover. When a door opener has no power, some things to check are the plug, wall outlet, circuit breaker and wire connections. A garage door that closes completely and then opens all the way without any provocation is the result of a door opener's down limit assembly needing adjustment or replacement.

Sometimes the garage door opens several inches and refuses to go further, indicating an obstruction is preventing the door from moving, or a key operating component such as the logic board or RPM board is defective. Alternatively, a door that doesn't close all the way in conjunction with flashing lights indicates a problem with the sensors. Flashing lights on Liftmaster garage door openers correspond with specific operational problems.

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